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The following cross-reference list is intended as an educational guide (under the IAS Terms and Conditions) to the types of conditions that these products can be used (or are used) to treat and prevent various aging disorders and diseases.It does NOT mean that all these products are synergistic together, it simply indicates the individual products that have shown clinical improvement.
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  • Nature’s anti-viral - the safe and healthy alternative to antibiotics
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    One Kit

    1st Line is a new safe and healthy way to fight infections in our increasingly antibiotic-resistant world. It is a specially developed supplement that boosts the body’s natural defences through molecules known as thiocyanates ions. 1st Line is a unique alternative to taking antibiotics for infections, because it destroys all types of infections, including... 1st Line is a new safe and healthy...

  • Improves sleep, well-being and weight control
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    90x 100mg Capsules

    5HTP is a building block for the vital neurotransmitter serotonin, key for treating depression and also helpful for a wide range of conditions linked to low serotonin, including obesity, insomnia, migraine and premenstrual syndrome. 5HTP is considered safer than Tryptophan. 5HTP is a building block for the...

  • Slows carbohydrate absorption, useful for diabetes and dieting
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    30x 100mg Tablets

    Glucobay Acarbose fights diabetes, weight gain and aging by helping regulate glucose. Acarbose is important if your body does not produce insulin, or your natural insulin does not unlock glucose properly - Diabetics. Acarbose may also help people suffering pre-diabetes - the precursor to Type 2. Research shows it can significantly reduce the risk of... Glucobay Acarbose fights diabetes,...

  • Enhances attention and awareness
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    40x 300mg Blister Packed Tablets

    Adrafinil is a nootropic or smart drug for mental alertness without sleep loss.  Adrafinil has been used throughout Europe for decades as an effective narcolepsy treatment. It enhances mental clarity, alertness, concentration and memory. The beneficial properties of this drug are built up over a period of time, this means it can give a gentler and more... Adrafinil is a nootropic or smart...

  • Natural Peptide Bioregulator - normalizes the function of your adrenal glands
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    20 Capsules

    Improves the performance of the ADRENAL gland which produces cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones. In turn these help to improve stress reaction, reduce apathy and improve control of the body's metabolism. Glandokort® also helps support the endocrine system in elderly people. The typical way to dose any peptide bioregulator is to initially take... Improves the performance of the...

  • An antidepressant that operates via melatonin
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    28x 25mg Film Tablets

    Try a new way to treat depression with Agomelatine Agomelatine is a treatment for depression and anxiety disorder that belongs to a class of drugs known as norepinephrine dopamine disinhibitors. Commonly used to treat depression, Agomelatine side effects are few and far between, making it an extremely effective anxiety and depression treatment. Try a new way to treat depression...

  • Aids balance and hearing
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    15x 125mcg Tablets

    Aldosterone is a hormone known to regulate essential salts and blood pressure in the body. Aldosterone secretion may also hold the key to loss of hearing. Aldosterone’s important role in maintaining the body’s delicate balance of water and essential salts impacts our blood pressure health. As a treatment for hearing loss, Aldosterone also offers a viable... Aldosterone is a hormone known to...

  • World’s most potent anti-AGE supplement
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    90x 75mg Tablets

    Aminoguanidine may have the potential to slow down this aging process - and protect against key age-related conditions, by reducing bad cholesterol (or low density lipoprotein cholesterol) and other age-related conditions such as atherosclerotic disease. Aminoguanidine may have the potential...

  • Blocks aromatase to prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen
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    28x 1mg Tablets

    Arimidex targets cancer by lowering estrogen levels. Arimidex is a front-line treatment for postmenopausal breast cancer in women, slowing its growth in advanced stages and treating the spread of the disease to other parts of the body. Arimidex is also able to increase testosterone levels in men, by reducing excess estrogen in the body. Arimidex targets cancer by lowering...

  • A popular nootropic that improves memory
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    20x 750mg Tablets

    Boost your memory and mental power. Aniracetam helps you think more clearly and remember more by aiding your brain’s communication infrastructure.  Aniracetam has been found to significantly improve the cognitive function of patients with senile dementia of the Alzheimer type. Boost your memory and mental power....

  • World’s first anti-cancer skin cream
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    20ml 0.005% Cream

    BEC5 cream, also known as Curaderm, is an effective, convenient and non-invasive treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer. Curaderm cream is particularly potent when used to treat basal-cell carcinomas (BCC) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), although it is also effective on benign tumours such as sun spots, age spots, Keratoses and Keratocanthmoas. BEC5 cream, also known as Curaderm,...

  • A version of vitamin B1 that aids diabetes and appetite control
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    30x 50mg Tablets

    A diabetes treatment – antioxidant with life-enhancing properties. Benefits diabetes sufferers inseveral ways. Lowering blood glucose. Protects the organs, nerves and vascular tissue from damage caused by excess sugar in the blood. Protects against (advanced glycation end products) the cause of a multitude of age-related illnesses such as cardiovascular... A diabetes treatment – antioxidant...

  • Potent antioxidant that combats viruses including herpes
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    100 x 180mg Capsules

    BHT Pro™ is a simple way to boost your immune function, helping to shield your body, slow aging, and ensure an active, healthy lifestyle. A powerful antioxidant, a little BHT each day is a sure way to lessen the impact of illness and in some cases, prevent it from ever taking hold. BHT Pro™ is a simple way to boost...

  • World’s first at-home arterial stiffness and blood pressure monitor
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    1 Unit

    The BioClip®-CUFF is a simple way of assessing both your blood pressure condition and your arterial flexibility from the comfort of your own home. The BioClip®-CUFF is a simple way of...

  • Natural Peptide Bioregulator - normalizes the function of your bladder
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    20 Capsules

    Helps to regulate the metabolism process in the urinary BLADDER wall cells, improving their flexibity and control. It has anti-oxidative properties, regulating the oxidation process in the bladder wall tissues. It has been shown to help combat overactive bladder syndrome (OBS) and benign prostate hyperlasia (BPH) improving urine flow and chronic cystitis... Helps to regulate the metabolism...

  • Natural Peptide Bioregulator - normalizes the function of your blood vessels
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    20 Capsules

    Improves the performance of BLOOD VESSELS by improving the trophism of the vascular wall cells and regulating their metabolic processes. By normalising the functional and morphological changes in the vascular wall, they regulate blood content of cholesterol and lipoproteins, decreasing the risk of various vascular issues. A key peptide and may be combined... Improves the performance of BLOOD...

  • Unique enzyme that improves blood circulation
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    60 Capsules

    Defend against blood clots with Boluoke. Preventing the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes can be easily achieved with a dose of Boluoke. For improved blood health and prevention of coagulation of blood platelets, which can form blood clots, there’s no safer or more effective supplement. Defend against blood clots with...

  • Inhibits prolactin production
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    30x 2.5mg Tablets

    Bromocriptine (also known as Parlodel) is an antiaging supplement designed to increase dopamine, which is essential for brain activity. It has also been shown to improve glucose tolerance and improve insulin resistance, making it useful for the treatment of Type-II diabetes. Plus, there has been some research in to Bromocriptine and weight gain as it is... Bromocriptine (also known as...

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