Inter-nasal products

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  • The original porcine based hormone to aid memory recall
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    5ml 500IU Liquid

    Streamline your Thoughts with Vasopressin Nasal Spray The ability to form and retain short and long-term memories, recall facts and articulate thoughts quickly can be honed with the smart drug vasopressin. Acting on the hypothalamus – the part of our brain that’s responsible for ‘imprinting’ information – vasopressin nasal spray gives us the power to keep... Streamline your Thoughts with...

  • An intranasal LED to boost nitric oxide levels
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    1 Unit Intranasal LED

    Vielight Intranasal Light Therapy Improve your health and wellbeing with the healing power of Vielight. Simple to use and unobtrusive Boosts your immune system Regulates your body's optimum internal conditions Helps beat conditions such as insomnia, high blood pressure, and low metabolism No side effects Vielight Intranasal Light Therapy...