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  • An antidepressant that operates via melatonin
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    28x 25mg Film Tablets

    Try a new way to treat depression with Agomelatine Agomelatine is a treatment for depression and anxiety disorder that belongs to a class of drugs known as norepinephrine dopamine disinhibitors. Commonly used to treat depression, Agomelatine side effects are few and far between, making it an extremely effective anxiety and depression treatment. Try a new way to treat depression...

  • A proven and natural antidepressant
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    100x 5mg Capsules

    LithPro is a unique blend of 3 active ingredients and it has been specially formulated to provide support for optimal health and brain function, as well as: Depression Stress ADHD Alcoholism Alzheimers Liver disorder Glaucoma LithPro is a unique blend of 3 active...